Bringing clean water to Au Centre

IMG_0087With no running water in the homes of Au Centre, the villagers must go to the local well to get water to cook, drink and bathe. Heavy water buckets, balanced precariously on the head, have to be carried back up a steep ravine. The well often runs dry in hot weather, and is a breeding ground for parasites and disease.

We consider that providing clean water to the village is a top priority.

In 2010, we purchased the land surrounding a gushing spring high in the mountains, and completed the field work and engineering drawings for the pipe, valves, pumps and storage cisterns that would bring this water to the people of Au Centre.

At the spring, a team of engineers and villagers wrestled massive boulders from the stream bed to make space for the 1500-gallon catchment tank needed to collect and settle water from the spring. Bags of concrete traveled on mules up from the road five miles away. Bundles of re-bar were dragged by human and animal power. The stream’s water was diverted, and the tank’s reinforced concrete foundation and walls were built. This middle-of-nowhere construction was a great accomplishment and a big step forward in this ambitious project.

Next, also using local crews, a two-mile trench was excavated from the water source all the way to the village. PVC pipe was unrolled and laid into the trench.

Now, work to complete this massive project is proceeding – building a storage tank above the village, and installing photo-voltaics and a pump at the spring.

A steady, reliable source of fresh water will solve many problems in Au Centre, and it is a goal that Haiti Community Support is dedicated to achieving.