Water Project News: Water Pipe Laying Complete

Water Project News: Water Pipe Laying Complete

The “chunk chunk” of pick axes penetrating the earth has been resonating through the hills for a couple months. Some sections completed with amazing speed, but rocky outcrops slowed progress to an exhausting snail’s pace.

Now, finally, the goal has been reached.

Trenching crews have just arrived to the heart of Au Centre. This major construction effort has brought a lot of benefit to the hill families already: the earnings for construction work goes to home improvements and to buy essentials that subsistence farmers find hard to purchase when cash is scarce.

Catchment Tank Complete!

CatchmentAt the Pitimi spring, two miles from Au Centre, a team of engineers and villagers wrestled massive boulders from the stream bed to make space for the 1500-gallon catchment tank needed to collect and settle water from the spring.

Bags of concrete traveled on mules up from the road five miles away. Bundles of re-bar were dragged by human and animal power. The stream’s water was diverted, and the tank’s reinforced concrete foundation and walls were built. This middle-of-nowhere construction is a great accomplishment and a big step forward in this ambitious project.


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