School Lunches Making Healthier Kids

School Lunches Making Healthier Kids

Au Centre and surrounds are classified on the UN charts as “Area of High Food Insecurity”.  Nearly 80% of our students were suffering from significant malnutrition.   HCS supported the village hot lunch program, delivering a meal such as hot rice with vegetables each day.   The daily meal helped kids study better.  The longer term health results are also really impressive.

News just in from village health worker Mimose Jean, reporting the fall student check-up for the first time showed the entire student body measuring above the malnutrition level for their ages. This is a momentous milestone for the food program – especially thanks to a hard working crew of cooks, and to Director Rod St Jean’s great menu improvements.   The school garden helps make better meals, while it teaches students and farmers how to cultivate more diverse and healthy vegetables.


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